SKNlogic - The Science of Beautiful Skin

The S, K, and N in SKNlogic stand for Science, Knowledge and Nature. SKNlogic takes a synergistic approach between these 3 concepts to produce a cosmeceutical skin care range that is safe, cost-effective and shows visible results. SKNlogic products aim to treat both the skin type and specific skin conditions by providing the skin with vital minerals, nutrients and fruit-based formulations that it needs to regenerate, restore and protect the skin and then maintain optimal function.

Ethical raw materials:

Does not include parabens, mineral oils and suphates

Results-driven cosmeceutical products:

Quality ingredients at optimal oncentrations

Professional treatments:

Complement your skin care with salon facials for best results

Affordable skin care:

Not over-packaged or over-priced

SKNlogic Skincare at Home

SKNlogic is a cosmeceutical brand of skin care. The products contain optimal amounts of active ingredients and should be introduced to the skin in phases. Phase 2 treatments are introduced 2-4 weeks after using SKNlogic essential products as part of your daily skin care routine.

We require that you use SKNlogic products at home for 2 weeks if you have been using a cosmeceutical range on your skin previously or 4 weeks if your skin is new to cosmeceutical products before using phase 2 treatments.

Dry Skin Essentials Kit


Balance/Combination Skin Essentials Kit


Oily Skin Essentials Kit