Happy Clients: SHR Laser Hair Removal Testimonials


“After years of waxing and having ingrown hairs and unsightly scarring, I am so glad I decided to do laser hair removal with Sakura Beauty Clinic. I am over the moon with the results. Prissy, you are the best and to see such amazing results after 2 sessions I would recommend this to all. Thank you for the warmth and caring you show your clients."


"My visits for all times I've spent at the laser treatment is REALLY IMPRESSIVE! Each time I went I felt welcomed and excited and your set up is cozy and relaxing. I am due for my fourth session and already feel and see excellent results. I will definitely go for more options or should I say packages as I am absolutely amazed on the results I received. You are AMAZING Prissy, Thanks."


"Nice work! Love the service and little chats"


"Painless and already starting to see results after 2 sessions."


"Wonderful service. Excellent results."


"Thank you for fantastic service and results are amazing"

Happy Clients: Skin Rejuvenation Testimonial


Prissy's concern and compassion had resulted in us using her skin rejuvenation treatments to target the acne to see if these treatments could help me. After having done my first treatment, within a few brief hours the skin results were instantaneous. I watched in astonishment how over the course of the next few days I had noticed my scarring lightening as well as my acne reducing. Suddenly my skin became more receptive to my skin products as my skin rejuvenation treatments continued with Prissy. Under Prissy's advisement over the weeks following, my skin had cleared with amazing results. To say I am absolutely grateful for Prissy's amazing help and expertise during it all is an understatement. Words cannot do justice to the genuine nature of her compassion and caring towards her clients. The treatments on my skin were the best thing I could have ever done and my advice to any person struggling with acne is to have it done themselves - and also, trust Prissy and her AWESOMENESS!"